Dearly beloveds,

First of all, thank you for your patience while putting up with all the cryptic nonsense., I was beginning to feel like The Riddler.

Anyway, big announcement time.

From this point forward, we as a band, will be known as "Hotel Mira" , a name that we feel reflects the dirty-slick direction the music is going in. In the line-up you may recognize some new and familiar faces. Graham and Chris decided to step away from the band for personal reasons in January of last year and we wish them well. And we didn't want to release any info until we had all our ducks in a row. Hence my previously mentioned social media "riddler-ness".

So here you are a new song to play and sing very loudly called "3AM Lullaby" about the chaotic times we are living in and the ways we get through it. It is available here: 

Also we will be playing a show in Vancouver on April 25th. And we will be in Toronto to play CMW in May. And many other shows in the future.

We are back and feeling ready to take on the entire planet/universe. Whatever that means to you.

Stay tuned. And I hope you enjoy your stay.

-Charlie, Hotel Mira